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Banner ads, interstitials, ad networks, ad exchanges, rich media, CPM & CPC buys… These are all pieces of the display advertising ecosystem. Since its inception in the mid 1990s, online display advertising has changed the way products and services were able to be advertised online. If leveraged properly, display advertising can be a great way to promote your product or services to a new or existing audience.

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What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a powerful channel RK3 Digital leverages that is traditionally used to build brand awareness, but it can also be an effective medium used for direct response campaigns. Display ads can be placed on websites based off many different criteria such as contextual relevance, direct buys, programmatic Real Time Bidding (RTB), etc. Ads can be represented with static banners, rich media, text ads, and more.

How Much does Display Adverting Cost?

There are several standard variables involved when estimating the cost of display advertising such as the placement location, targeting options, inventory dimensions and functionality, pricing models, and more.

Other pricing variables that will greatly affect the price are partnerships, “value add” fees, and workflow management. It is extremely important that you partner with an agency, consulting firm, or individual you can trust. Display advertising is an easy medium for companies to take advantage of SMBs because of the traditional lack of transparency and “branding” tied with display advertising.

At RK3 Digital, we strive to be transparent, open, honest, and deliver value tied to your business objectives through the services we provide. Display advertising is no exception. While display advertising may be measured and held accountable differently than that of paid search advertising, RK3 Digital will always set expectation and measurement goals before the campaign is launched.

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