Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an approach centered on creating, distributing, and promoting relevant, valuable, and often unique content for your potential customers. Creating content to create content will not bring about the results you are looking for as a small or medium business. The key to a successful content strategy is creating content your consumers and/or influencers value and will amplify. RK3 Digital’s aim is to create, distribute, and promote content that drives measurable results.

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Why Work with Us?

RK3 Digital’s goal through content marketing is to help you attain your business’ digital marketing objectives. We don’t just write and produce content because we can and it’s our job. We want to know your business, what your pain points are, who your audience is, and how we can connect your product or services to them through valuable content. We breakdown our approach into three phases as described below.

Phase 1: Content Strategy

Research is a valuable step that is often overlooked when devising an effective content strategy. At RK3 Digital, we delve deep into the needs and wants of both your company and your audience and align our content strategy towards answering/solving those needs and wants. We look into what internal content has performed well for your company as well as look into what content has performed well outside of your company, but within your market (competitive research). By creating and documenting a content strategy, we can move onto the creation aspect.

Phase 2: Content Creation

We create content that addresses your audiences’ needs, while providing measureable results that align with your business objectives. We will not work in a silo, but rather, we prefer working in tandem with your business along the way to ensure we provide valuable content that is consistent with your business’ message and brand.

Phase 3: Content Distribution & Promotion

As mentioned above, if we create content to create content and nobody sees it, what value does that bring? We leverage many digital channels to distribute and promote your valuable content across the digital ecosystem. Our goal is to increase page views, shares, and overall amplification of your content to drive action (i.e. generate leads, transact purchases, share content, etc.) from your target audience.

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