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Are you tired of investing your media dollars and/or resources into campaigns that aren’t providing you measurable insights to help you maximize your return on investments? Look no further. RK3 Digital measures and provides actionable insights across all digital marketing channels. Web analytics should no longer be leveraged by a few select marketers, but should be accessible and attainable for all SMBs (small medium businesses). It is imperative to analyze your website data to better understand the demographics, technology, and web behavior accessing and converting on your site.

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What is Web Analytics?

Analytics is the foundation to everything RK3 Digital offers. Web analytics lets you measure how effective your marketing campaigns were during their flight. Knowing where, when, and how consumers are accessing and converting on a site allows RK3 Digital the ability to pull the right digital levers to maximize the return on investment.

What Web Analytics Services does RK3 Digital Offer?

We offer a broad range of analytics services ranging from analytics audits, baseline analytics measurement, dashboard creation, and more.

Web Analytics Audit

  • Identify basic issues with your site’s data (i.e. is it being tracked, how it is being tracked, etc.)
  • Ensure the data you are collecting is accurate
  • QA measurement tags are firing correctly

Web Analytics Analysis

  • Analyze web traffic to understand the demographics, technology, and web behavior accessing and converting on your site
  • Deep dives into top and low converting landing pages, high bounce rate landing pages, high exit pages, etc.
  • Understand direct traffic, top referral sites, email, and paid campaigns (i.e. PPC, Display, Remarketing, Social, etc.)

Web Analytics Dashboards

Once your data is audited and analyzed, interpreting and generating valuable insights through a customized dashboards is the critical next step. RK3 Digital creates dashboards to help you and your teams better visualize and ingest your data across different data sources. Overlaid within our analytics dashboard, we provide actionable insights that align with your business’ objectives to help you pull the right levers for attaining the highest return for your investments.

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