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Looking for a Performance Driven Paid Search Marketing Company?

Are you looking for a performance driven paid search marketing company to help get you started or take you to the next level? Paid search marketing is one of the best digital channels for performance driven marketing, but managing it in a cost-effective, yet performance driven manner is challenging. It is extremely easy to mismanage a paid search account resulting in inefficient keyword targeting or over spend due to budgeting errors. And, the overly complex paid search ecosystem does not make the job any easier. This is where RK3 Digital comes into play.

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What is Paid Search Marketing?

Paid Search is used to target your customers and generate web traffic through paid ads on search engines. Traffic generated through paid search ads tends to be more likely to convert (lower in the marketing funnel) as they are actively “searching” for your related products and/or services. RK3 Digital is founded on paid search advertising and strongly believes in the value and return on investment realized when paid search advertising is strategically planned and executed properly.

Our Approach to Paid Search Marketing

Our approach to paid search marketing is simple in theory; we work with clients to help them provide their customers an easy way for them to access their brands’ or companies’ unique content/products – through text ads — within the search engine results page (SERP) like Google or Bing. We break our approach down into three different phases.

Paid Search Marketing Phases

Our paid search marketing approach is broken down into three phases, which are customized towards the client’s business objectives. While these phases below are not exhaustive, we wanted to illustrate at a high level what our three phase approach entails.

Phase One: Internal Data Gathering, Cross Team Education, and Baseline Measurement

  1. Define KPIs
  2. Paid search training and education
  3. Understand current account structure
  4. Define measurement strategy

Phase Two: Data Analysis, Expansions, & Setting the Vision

  1. Collect data on current and past campaigns
  2. Analyse & audit campaign performance and account structure
  3. Find areas of opportunities for account expansion to capture more market share
  4. Create customized reporting dashboards
  5. Implement measurement strategy
  6. Deliver roadmap

Phase Three: Multi-Channel Attribution & On-going Testing

  1. Multi-channel attribution reporting
  2. Understand the lifetime value of a customer
  3. Media investments driven by ROI not budgets
  4. Test, Test, Test

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